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A motor vehicle exhaust system is piping used to guide exhaust gasses away from the engine to the outdoors. Although the exhaust system's main purpose is to guide exhaust gases from the engine to the outdoors, it can be modified to increase engine power, reduce pollution, and reduce noise. To achieve this, you need to invest in a custom-made exhaust system.

At Collins Muffler & Service we can create a custom-made stainless steel exhaust for your vehicle. We specialize in custom performance exhaust systems, stainless steel mufflers, mufflers, exhaust kits, racing mufflers, and exhaust accessories for a huge and diverse range of vehicles: customized cars, standard road cars, classic cars, kit cars, 4x4's, imports, and racecars.


A normal muffler should not be loud. In fact, engine sound is quieted as it passes through the muffler. This is achieved by an intricate maze design within the muffler that helps to cancel out high pressure engine sound before exiting through the tailpipe. Over time, rust and road damage eventually create holes in the muffler. An exhaust leak can occur over time leading to more noise from the vehicle.  if your exhaust system isn’t working properly, exhaust may be entering your car.  If you notice that your car is louder than normal, muffler repair may be needed. To be sure, bring your car to Collins Muffler & Service.


At Collins Muffler & Service, we care about the environment and you. Damaged exhaust systems can lead to improperly functioning emissions components which lead to the release of harmful gases that can make their way into the passenger compartment of the vehicle and the atmosphere.

That is why our team of ASE Certified technicians perform a complete inspection of all exhaust components to diagnose the exact causes of muffler damage. We provide you with detailed explanations of our diagnosis and answer any questions you may have about our exhaust system and muffler repair recommendations. Bring your vehicle to Collins Muffler & Service where you'll receive a quality repair and the best customer service in town.  


The catalytic converter, part of your vehicle's exhaust system, uses chemical catalysts such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium to reduce the harmful emissions from your tailpipe. A failed emissions test could indicate a problem with the catalytic converter, and a "rotten egg" smell is a common symptom as well. Rattling, reduced engine performance, and diminished fuel economy may also be signs of a problem with the converter, and a converter problem is one of the most common reasons for a "check engine" light.


When the catalytic converter is damaged or no longer effective, it is removed and a new one is installed in your exhaust system.  A catalytic converter is legally required on most road vehicles and is necessary to pass the periodic emissions tests that many state governments require. Problems with the catalytic converter can also cause your vehicle to overheat, creating a fire hazard under the vehicle. Contact us at Collins Muffler & Service for repair quotes, including catalytic converter replacement.